The chilling story of Safia, a “sex slave” of Khadafy

The Libyan leader kidnapped her at age 15, raped her, beat her and forced her to take drugs, and in 2009 managed to escape disguised as old

PARIS .- A young Libyan 22 years revealed that for five years he joined the staff of Muammar Khadafy harem after being “recruited” by force by the Libyan leader, who according to his account also liked to keep sex games with men.

The woman told the French daily Le Monde that he was elected to the harem of Khadafy, who raped her and abused her, beat her and forced to take drugs for five years until in 2009 he escaped to the outside living disguised.

Safia, was identified as the girl born in eastern Libya, but at age 9 with his family settled in Sirte, the birthplace and stronghold of the former dictator. In 2004, when he was 15 years old, was chosen to deliver a bouquet of flowers to the dictator during a visit to your school.

“To me it was a great honor, calling him ‘Daddy Muammar’ and had goose bumps,” he told the young woman recalled how Khadafy stopped in front of her, put her hand on his shoulder and slowly stroked her hair, then learned that the gesture was in fact made his bodyguards, to indicate that he wanted this woman.

The next day, three women in uniform appeared at the salon where his mother and said: “Muammar wants you, wants to give you some gifts.” The teenager followed them without question, “How suspect anything? Was our hero, the prince of Sirte,” said Safia.

Khadafy received the quinceañera in a Bedouin tents, told him that henceforth he would live with him, he made promises (“you have everything you want: houses, cars …”) and gave it to one of the three women in uniform who went to look for the prepare for their new duties.

Safia quickly realized that the three women-Salma, Feiz-Mabruk and were responsible for maintaining and managing the harem of the dictator gave the girl lingerie sexy, taught him to dance, so as to comply with “other duties”.

For three days, Khadafy called Safia only to see it dance for him, looking untouched, but the girl told him: “You will be my prostitute.” In the fourth round, the dictator raped her, and as he resisted and tried to run first and then hit her and Salma Mabruk called to intervene: the women beat him to subdue and Safia understood his new assignment: “I had become his sex slave, and he raped me for five years. ”

Thus the girl was transported to Tripoli and installed in a special wing of Bab Al-Azizia, Khadafy’s bunker on the outskirts of the Libyan capital, where he discovered that “in the same apartment where she was, in a tiny room, a permanent were twenty girls, most between 18 and 19 years were recruited usually by the same three women. ”

The harem girls should always be available to the dictator, who tired easily from them and call for new recruits, but claimed to Safia two or three times a week and was “always sadistic and violent.” The newspaper said that she has “bruises, bites and scars on the breasts.” One of the nurses Ukrainian Libyan leader, Gala proved to be his “only friend”.

“For Muammar, the girls were mere sex objects, that could happen to others after he had tried the” he said Safia. He recalled how the dictator organized parties for foreign guests and sometimes had them African leaders also took advantage of his harem girls, as well as men, since the former dictator had sex with them too.

To avoid problems with their daughters, Khadafy girls used to be carried to his palace on the outskirts of Tripoli, where from its Jacuzzi, massage and foreplay required. Safia said he forced her to drink whiskey and cocaine, a drug that he loved the dictator, who spent whole days “under the influence of the substance and no sleep.”

Safia’s family learned of the sad fate of the daughter and father in 2009, taking advantage of the rare visits Khadafy authorized the girl, disguised as an old woman and managed to make getting on a plane leaving for France, thanks to a friend who worked at the airport in Tripoli.

“When I saw the body exposed to the crowd Khadafy had a brief moment of pleasure, but then I felt really bad taste in the mouth,” he told her, and said he would have preferred that the dictator was arrested and prosecuted, “because I wanted face and ask: why? why did you do this? why you raped me, hit me, insulted me and drug me? why you taught me to drink and smoke? why I steal your life? “. .



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