Russian Woman Stores Supposed Alien Corpse in Fridge for Two Years – Yahoo! News

Russian Woman Stores Supposed Alien Corpse in Fridge for Two Years – Yahoo! News.

Has a genuine alien corpse been discovered? One woman in Russia certainly thinks so.
Marta Yegorovnam claims she salvaged an extraterrestrial body from the site of a UFO crash in 2009 and stored it in her fridge for two years before authorities took it away from her for examination, according to the Daily Mail.
The being is about 2 feet tall and looks suspiciously like stereotypical extraterrestrial beings: It’s skinny, sort of slimy looking, with a large, bobbly head, bulging eyes, and twiggy arms.
The two men who confiscated the supposed body said they were from the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Of course, the odds are high that this could all be a hoax.
In April, an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old student set off an Internet frenzy by planting what looked like an otherworldly being’s remains in the snow in Irkutsk, Siberia, according to the Daily Mail.
When police questioned the scheming teens, they admitted that the body was not in fact from another planet but from the grocery store shelves: They had created what looked like a decimated body using stale bread and chicken skin.
UFO expert Alex Komanov concurred it was a hoax, using the logic that intelligent beings would be wearing clothes instead of appearing naked like this creature.
Hoaxes aside, some believe that we are only beginning to learn the truth about life on other planets. UFO sightings have spiked a staggering 67 percent in the last three years, the Huffington Post reported in August.
The Mutual UFO Network said it received on average 500 UFO reports each month in 2011, up from just 300 in 2008.
Although about 95 percent of reports turn out to be weather balloons or other more explainable aircraft, others are not so easily brushed aside: Many of the most convincing reports come from military and commercial pilots who have spotted unexplainable phenomena in the sky.
The most notorious example could be the case of a 1986 flight over Alaska that recorded radar of two UFOs for nearly 30 minutes.
John Callahan, former head of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Accidents, Evaluations and Investigations Division in the 1980s, was involved in the event and later tracked down by CIA and FBI officials who told him to say that the incident never occurred.
His take on UFOs? “I’ve come to the conclusion that there is quite an amount of good evidence suggesting intelligence behind the phenomenon,” he’s quoted saying in the article. “That’s kind of the bottom line here.”



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