Up to 25 years in prison for the officers who raped the child in Trelew

It is worth to them could fit on the incident in the Second Precinct. Four of the defendants are released, but forbidden to approach the family, the victim of 16 years and witnesses.

Judge Jose Garcia Trelew guarantees resolved custody for two months to five officers of the Second Branch of the city suspected of having beaten and raped a 16 year old boy who was arrested last Wednesday morning for an incident in public. In addition four other troops will put on trial for the same act but in freedom and restrictions on approach to the victim, his family and witnesses. The decision was taken at a broad audience held control that began just after 21 of Saturday and lasted until 1 am yesterday in the presence of the parties, relatives of the victim, the accused policemen and colleagues of those who filled the halls of the third floor of the Courts of Trelew. Just started the hearing, two noncommissioned officers who had also been detained were released, finding no evidence to prosecutors charges against him. The police officer will include sub-inspector arrested Adolfo Carvallo, Carlos Alberto Pato’s agent, Cape Charles Treuquil, Mario Bevacua agent and First Aníbal Muñoz. Except Carvallo officer, the other four policemen provoked a fierce beating of the teenager in a cell producing severe injuries, including in the year to introduce presumably part of a staff “tonfa” used in the police force to subdue people in violent situations. A Duck, Treuquil, Munoz Bevacua and charged them with crimes of sexual abuse seriously outrageous, illegal deprivation of liberty, humiliation and severe in character coauthors. A Carvallo against him all these crimes but necessary participant in character since, according to the research team of prosecutors, had tried to forge internal documentation from the police station about the arrest of a teenager. For the lawsuit, represented by Julia Laborda, the facts were classified as torture, a figure that will prosper or not according to the results of the investigation. The judge ordered Garcia to stand out in its resolution, that the charges will vary according to research. The custody decision was adopted by Garcia understand that there is a possibility of obstruction of the investigation, and that the accused may influence witnesses. But Garcia said the risk of escape of the five accused to the penalty that could caberles ranging from 8 to 25 years in prison, with emphasis, in agreement with prosecutors, in that it was a fact, “serious” because it occurred in a police station and was staged by police causing psychological harm “immeasurable” on the child. “I had heard his testimony and I could see the degree of desperation in the victim,” Garcia said. The judge also ordered liberty, although subject to legal and forbidden to approach the victim, their families and witnesses, for the agent Victor Ortiz and Sergeant Sergio Castillo who are charged with the crimes of harassment and harsh treatment because the child was beaten during his arrest on public roads and subsequent transfer to the police station. Similar action taken against the officer and assistant Bruno Rodríguez Assistant Sergeant Victor Santibanez for the crime of unlawful deprivation of liberty in the character of co-authors. According to research, these two officers were handcuffed and transferred to an internal unit to the adolescent girl who had attended the sectional to claim for their freedom. “With been removed from the branch would have been enough,” said Judge Garcia. After the arrest of 11 policemen in the course of the day last Wednesday, the prosecution team led by general tax Mirta Moreno and Maria Tolomei, internal documents seized by the police, conducted searches, reports were made ​​of forensic doctors found injuries to the lower body, participated in a dozen wheels recognition of people, heard on “House Gesell” the testimony of the victim, witnesses took their families and neighbors in the area where the arrest occurred. At the hearing, all the police were assisted by the public defender Maria Gomez Lozano, also attended Paul King, the Defender, which was commissioned to highlight the personal qualities of the victim. #



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