CFK pathologic mourning


Cristina Fernandez is now the great enigma.

The death of her husband, Nestor Kirchner, is a political and personal, subjective grief and reason of state: the disappearance of the leader who gave name to a custom motion (Kirchner) and a husband of four decades.

The first puzzle is how this death will affect Fernandez personally, or politically-translated if you interfere with presidential and political work.

Psychological and political duel

Cristina FernándezCristina Fernandez, pain and grief.

As you know insurance companies around the world that measure the cost of your premiums, one of the most devastating experiences of life is the death of someone close: parents, spouses, children.

What are the psychological choices of grief?

“The match depends on the presence of alternative pleasures that make the connection to the missing person does not take over someone’s life. The pathological grief, the person can not find alternative routes in the external world that allow you to grow away from the missing person, “he told BBC Argentine psychoanalyst Rene Epstein.

The question is who will care to talk with governors, mayors and deputies Peronists.Cristina that he never did.Nestor Kirchner was responsible for this fundamental part of dialogue with the chiefs of Peronism

José Natanson, author of “The New Left”

In this particular case, the maintenance of a project linked closely with the traumatic event-the death of a loved-and a political necessity, could become a therapeutic tool?

“From a theoretical point of view and not knowing people, one can say that the continuity of the political project can be a way to overcome grief. Of course, to put it in the Argentine context, we must clarify that this is someone who been clearly demonstrated in its multiple interventions has its own discourse, “says the analyst.

The television images and the testimonies speak of a very struck by the fact, but with mettle to overcome.

Kirchner Kirchner without

Beyond the emotional issue, the political imperatives are clear.

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Argentina is a year of presidential elections, the Kirchner society divided between passionate supporters and equally fervent detractors.

Nestor and Cristina KirchnerUnion leaders have said they support the reelection of Cristina Fernandez.

The puzzle is whether Cristina will continue the course prior to or adopt a profile among media commentators opponents, defined as more or less confrontational negotiation.

According to political analyst José Natanson, author of “The New Left,” a detailed analysis of alternatives left in the XXI century Latin America, the continuity of government direction is guaranteed.

“From the standpoint of management there is not much mystery because the economy is ordered, the state has a surplus, the street is quiet, the government is running three years ago with a continuity at the ministerial level,” he told BBC Natanson.

For the analyst, the big question is Peronism.

“The question is who will care to talk with governors, mayors and deputies Peronists. That Cristina never did. Néstor Kirchner was responsible for this fundamental part of dialogue with the chiefs of Peronism” he added.

Reelection and continuity

Within hours of Kirchner announced the death of the secretary general of the General Labour Confederation (CGT), Hugo Moyano, supported Fernandez’s re-election next year.

Among the tens of thousands of people paid tribute to Kirchner, a song was repeated for re-election.

Ultimately the decision belongs to the same president: Kirchner continuity is at stake.

“It is premature to speculate on that, but actually there are two possible destinations. If she gets to say no to re open the fight on the inside of Peronism. It seems doubtful that they do. Because this is a project that has a natural continuity in his person, “he told BBC Natanson.

Here again the private and public, subjective and political, will merge or will conflict so crucial to the future of Argentina.



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