U.S. knew of the theft of babies during Argentina’s dictatorship



Thursday January 26 2012 20:28 | He revealed a former U.S. official. “We knew there were only one or two children, but there was a pattern, a plan.”

BUENOS AIRES .- The former undersecretary of state in the U.S., Elliott Abrams , said today the law that the government of President Ronald Reagan knew about the theft of babies during the last dictatorship in Argentina and considered that responded to a “plan”.In his statement to the Federal Court of Buenos Aires 6, which carries out a systematic plan for trial on theft of babies, Abrams confirmed that in 1982, the then Argentine ambassador,Alberto Lucio Garcia del Solar , told the children of the disappeared had been given to other families to be raised and that the decision of the de facto president Reynaldo Bignone was not revisit the issue. During his presentation by video conference from Washington, Abrams said that he drafted the memo of the meeting with Garcia del Solar, document in full recently declassified by the U.S. government. “I knew this problem, we were aware that some children had been abducted while parents in prison or dead. The subtracted and delivered,” said Abrams, was quoted by the Association of Grandmothers Plaza de Mayo.He admitted also that it was evaluating “a very serious problem because they were children who were living” and deepened, “we thought it was not just one or two children or one or two officers who had withdrawn from the children. We thought it was a plan because there were many people who were imprisoned or killed, and we felt that the military government had decided that some children were dedicated to other families. “



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