Liquids have cyanide in Minera Triton

Liquids have cyanide in Minera Triton

Environmental Councilman Gregores Governor Marcelo Serafini, reported to the Environment and Mining Santa Cruz, a cyanide spill liquids produced at Minera Triton – Spring Mirror site a few miles from Governor Gregores the morning of Friday January 27, 2012.
 The death of a miner in a tunnel Jujuy, on 21 January in the company Cerro Vanguardia in Puerto San Julian, in addition to the accident site in the San Jose Green Eggs (Minera Santa Cruz) last 2011, where an operator also lost life after falling into a shaft, and the many environmental accidents caused by the young mega mining in Santa Cruz, according to Councilman poses “a high cost to be paid by Santa Cruz and their land,” an activity that even enables us to finance our province.
 It is the third time that Minera Triton has a serious drawback in the operation of your plant, and it deserves full attention. In 2011, mining production was halted three days per incident management teams cyanide compounds. The Cerro Vaguardia environmental accident in pulp cyanide spill, all of which occurred in very little time for the statistics of the short life of mega mining in Santa Cruz, is at this point a “wakeup call” for provincial officials, Serafini confirmed.
 Two deaths and a number of environmental accidents that have become public, and many others are considered “common” and not given to dissemination, represent “a very high cost for our province, not even enough to be financed the extraction of gold, silver, oil and gas. “
 This leads us to rethink the Argentines in general and in particular to Santa Cruz, seriously mining mode, cross-examine if they ever wonder, what is the cost of conducting open-pit mining and cyanide in Santa Cruz, sold to the world as Pure Patagonia. Where is the gain, if our people are dying and the water and harm the landscape.
 It is necessary to urgently amend the legislation on mining and the income earned by the exploitation of a resource “nonrenewable” because the risk is high, the rate of extraction sites just in such a short time, that the workers, fail to pay or your car or home, or the education of their children, but suffer before a mishap that disable for life.
 Thus the Environmental Councillor Marcelo Serafini, said the general public, should continue to discuss and claiming to their elected officials, making urgent state of knowledge, to cause an immediate change in the treatment of this issue, supporting people carry on the La Rioja, which does not yield to arguments of the mining corporation, and corruption set with officials and state sectors. Source: Environmental Assembly Rio Gallegos


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