Began the withdrawal of the Federal underground and warn that “there is no ability to protect the users”


He said Buenos Aires Security Minister, the official questioned his pocket as nation, today only 40 officers will leave his post Underground Division

Start today the withdrawal of the Federal Police custody of subway service in the city. At least it will progressively exit to complete the first day of next month.

Only 40 Division agents today Underground tasks and will be “allocated to strengthen the train operating Alert, a new surveillance system platforms, railway terminals and buses with video cameras of high resolution,” the ministry said in a statement Security days earlier.

At a press conference, Buenos Aires Security Minister, Guillermo Montenegro crossed pair of nation as: “We have the operational capacity to protect the entire subway system. There was a good decision.”

Earlier, a statement of the National Security portfolio, Garre said that the safety net of the Federal metro currently has 250 troops.

“This is a unilateral decision by the national government, which decided to withdraw the Federal Police without first consulting us and that generates additional complexity in the security work to neighbors,” said Montenegro.

The withdrawal of the Federal underground, in principle, would be complete as of today, but a city government called an “extension for organizing” was accepted by the portfolio of Nilda Garre. .




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