The Federal Police will continue in the subway until 1 March

Only 40 agents on Wednesday removed the Underground Division; criticism of city government

By  Laura Rocha   |

At the end of the subway will be guarded by federal police until March. Although at the beginning of this week the Minister of National Security, Nilda Garre had ordered out of the security force from next Wednesday , said yesterday that removed the first day only 40 men.

The other 78 760 guarding the Buenos Aires subway stations continue to provide additional services at the expense of the City until the end of next month.

Despite the government’s decision , the administration returned to Buenos Aires to criticize the decision. Local Security Minister, Guillermo Montenegro, confirmed: “In February, the service will keep additional” Federal troops, but said the move “political consequences” and “prejudicial to the people.”

“In five days, there was no possibility that the City take over this service,” he said. He noted that removes it from the security forces “is not a harm that is done to [Maurice] Macri, is a very complex issue that makes the user of the subway in general.”

“They are in hospitals, not in the subways, are not in the south of the city of Buenos Aires” he complained, and considered: “It seems that some are leaving the Federal Police of the city” .

“The safety of the city is the responsibility of national government through the Federal Police for more than one hundred years. The Metropolitan Police is a force created two years ago and a half is to collaborate,” said the official, politically responsible for the new force with nearly 3000 men.

“The responsibility is primal Federal Police, unless the delegate completely, break through the metropolitan area of ​​the Federal Police of the city government, which did not do,” said Montenegro.

The minister, as anticipated THE NATION, said: “This week there was a note from the Ministry of National Security to let us know that on 1 February removed the regular and special services which is underground and division Additional Federal Police. ”

“Yesterday [for yesterday] asked for an extension to try to organize this a little. It takes a bit of a surprise, is a note five days in advance to take care of more than 80 posts complexes that have to do with security in subways, “the official continued.


As indicated in the national government, the troops guarding the subway will be “allocated to strengthen the train operating Alert, a new surveillance system platforms, railway terminals and buses with video cameras of high resolution,” the ministry said security by statement.

In the final transfer from the subway to the city works and was a special commission within it where the city government hoped to discuss security.

In April last year, the national government and had retired to the Federal Buenos Aires 114 public buildings until then watched federal 1200. And that was replaced mostly by private custody contracted by the Ministry of Justice and Security in the city. Several of these troops were relocated to the city streets. Even in the South live with the Metropolitan, the Gendarmerie and the Prefecture.

Due to the great demand for cards that have been UP in the last days will be made operational today special delivery of the card. Thus, eleven stations, Retiro and Constitución between 11 and 17), only in the morning, delegations of Correo Argentino

addition to the Atlantic coast and the shopping Alto Palermo, Abasto, Paseo Alcorta, Alto Avellaneda, Buenos Aires Design, the position of the Plaza de Mayo can be processed the card used to ride all olectivo lines,


MARCH 2011 
Security Minister Nilda Garre, decided to withdraw from banks and financial institutions within the Federal Police.

APRIL 2011 
In the capital
the government withdraws from 114 to 1200 Buenos Aires public schools that provided effective additional services. Among the places were schools and hospitals.

JANUARY 2, 2012 
Nation Underground service transferred to the administration of Buenos Aires.

JANUARY 25, 2012 
Garré couple tells her Buenos Aires, Guillermo Montenegro, bringing to the Federal subway in the month of February. .



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