The mansion Inalco is offered for sale in Europe by 22 million euros



02.02.12 | The property, known as the alleged “Hitler House” is featured on a German website that sells properties in France, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Bulgaria and Spain. The heirs of the former banker José Rafael Tross are the owners.

The room has 452 hectares Inalco 5km of coastline on the Nahuel Huapi. It was designed by architect Alejandro Bustillo and built in the 40’s.
For some, the mansion was home to Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun after his alleged escape from Germany. For others it is just a myth that serves to attract tourism.
Tross family years ago would have received an offer of nearly $ 30 million. But eventually the sale did not materialize.
Despite the intent to sell is still there. Among other places, is offered on the German portal by 21,945,000 euros.
As indicated in the classified, it is a “unique property of 452 acres with 5 miles of shoreline on Lake Nahuel Huapi, including 900 m of beaches arena.Con coihue wooden pier and a boat ramp (…) A lavish summer residence, designed by architect Alejandro Bustillo. The Italian manufacturer Longaretti Pedro (the same who built the Residence Messidor) was who built it, with a group of very special chilenos.Algo workers and hierarchical Ideal for real estate and tourism developments. ”
Of course the ad does not mention that because the border zone, foreigners are not nationalized or naturalized, can not acquire property unless they have special permission from the Ministry of Interior’s Office.

The incredible story of the house
The Inalco lot was sold by the son of Italian immigrant Primo Capraro, Enrique García-Merou, a Buenos Aires lawyer connected to the high society of that time and linked to German-owned companies have worked with the flight of tens of Nazi agents to Argentina after the Second World War.
Merou Garcia bought the lot about 40 and hired the renowned architect Alejandro Bustillo-author of the Llao Llao hotel and civic center of Bariloche, among other works, to build the house.
The original plans for the farm and the facade of the main house, signed by the same Alejandro Bustillo, is dated March 1943 (maps published in the book “Bustillo in Patagonia” by Martha Levisman)
Different authors point Merou linking with Juan Peron and “sell” the property back to Jorge Antonio, alleged frontman of former president and representative of the Mercedes Benz in Argentina.
In the book “Bustillo in Patagonia” by Martha Levisman, outlines a curious detail: Merou would have imported copies of a typical dairy cow breed in the Swiss Alps was adapted to the area but then “mixed” with animals common.
For several years the complex served as a source of employment for many residents. So, former neighbors rule out the possibility that someone so well known cone Hitler had been there and not “leak” some information.
In the mid-50s the house was abandoned in the ’70s José Rafael Tross, former president of Banco Regional Exchange (BIR), bought the property. Tross and invested heavily to improve facilities.
In those years the banker also acquired Correntoso hotel, adjacent to Inalco. The counter of both properties would have been John Mahler, who actually turned out to be Reinhard Kopps, a former SS officer discovered in Bariloche in 94 American chain ABC News. Kopps died in September 2001.
Kopps was the one who told reporters Erich Priebke, accused of the slaughter of Ardeatine, by then a prominent member of society Bariloche.
Both had arrived in Bariloche after the war. Priebke, who was banished and tried for war crimes in Italy, directed at the Instituto Primo Capraro Bariloche, original owner of the land where the house was built.
Shortly after buying it sold the Hotel Correntoso Tross and was only Inalco property.
The banker had links with Eduardo Martinez de Hoz and Emilio Massera. In the ’80s there was the collapse of the BIR, one of the largest frauds in the history of the country, and Tross escaped. He was a fugitive in Mexico for decades.
After the scandal the complex was abandoned and looted. Staff who worked on the house says that in various inns and houses of La Angostura no furniture and even doors of the old property.
Hölters Foundation In 1993, the German School of Buenos Aires, leased the property to become a resort for trips to their students and other schools.
The house was abandoned and looted again.
Does the Berghof in Patagonia?
The doubts that feed the myth point to the internal layout of the main house, similar to Hitler’s Berghof in the Alps, and the construction of a small village self-sustaining parallel with own plant, crops and animals.
Charles Bryner, an alumnus of the college, who organized trips and student activities in Inalco, describes that in the top of the main house is a large hall, toward the lake there is a door that leads to two large rooms independent communicate by a shared bathroom. One of them has a balcony. Across the hall, two smaller rooms also have a shared bathroom.
Down the hall, on the other side of the house, two rooms with a very small bathroom and a staircase leading to the kitchen downstairs. Also on the first floor but no communication with the interior, lies a small room with bathroom.
On the ground floor there is a large lounge, a kitchen and three bedrooms with private bathrooms. In the main hall is seen a large fireplace and large windows overlooking the Nahuel Huapi and the Andes.
For an internal road, about 500 meters to the right of the main house leads to a small village where Bustillo built the “ferme” or farm, barn, house manager for the laborers, henhouse, a kennel and the center sprue, among other things. The buildings are about a kind of square pavers that was originally and is now covered by ashes.
On the coast there was a ramp and shed some authors that served to keep a seaplane. Bryner noted that the ramp was actually built for the ship “El Paisano”, a boat he bought the family Tross. There was also an important winch then disappeared.



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