Lorena Martins met with First Lady of Mexico

The daughter of former SIDE Raul Martins, who accused the leader of a trafficking network, traveled to Mexico to formalize their complaint and said she was the wife of Felipe Calderon.

Lorraine Martins denounced his father in Mexico. | Photo: Cedoc

Lorraine Martins traveled to Mexico to denounce his father for human trafficking, and said he was received by the very wife of President Felipe Calderon , Margarita Zavala Gómez del Campo, who had an audience. According to the NGO The Alameda, which supports Martins in his complaints against his father, Lorraine sent news from Mexico where, he says, he traveled at the request of the Mexican government, which in turn paid the passages so you can formalize the complaint against her father, a former spy SIDE Raul Luis Martins Coggiola , accused of being the czar of trafficking in women between Buenos Aires and the beaches of Cancun . “Only comment I had the honor of Margarita Zavala Gómez del Campo, wife of President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, grant me a hearing yesterday in his office. I am very grateful to the Mexican government’s commitment to research and showing concern on issues of trafficking, organized crime and drug trafficking, “wrote Lorraine in a text that was published today by The Alameda. “It was the Mexican government who paid the expenses of my journey to a complaint that could be formalized in Mexico and gather evidence relevant issue, “the daughter of former spy SIDE, whose lawyer in these reports is neither more nor less than Claudio Lifschitz Adrian , a retired intelligence agent of the Federal Police for years was attorney Raul Martins, and Lorena who also had some time in a relationship . “I’m particularly amazed at the fight of Deputy Rosi Orozco because approval of the law against trafficking in persons, in order to prevent, punish and eradicate trafficking in persons, “he said. He added: “With respect to my father’s case was very clear the deputy” stating that “rather than be deported must be in jail.” In his text, Lorena Orozco explains that Rosi is a PAN legislator and president of the Commission to Combat Trafficking in Mexico, which has a history of 25 years as a social activist and working for the victims of family violence, sexual and labor. He was also named one of the 50 leaders who move to Mexico.



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