A French photographer killed in Plaza San Martin


It happened at the Monument to the Fallen in Malvinas, was to steal his camera, the perpetrator was arrested

man was murdered French this morning from a stab wound to the chest when a criminal tried to steal a camera in Plaza San Martin, Retiro.

The incident occurred around 8.30 am in front of the Monument to the Fallen in Malvinas where the victim, allegedly a French journalist, was stabbed when taking a photo and died.

According to preliminary informarciones, it would be Laurent Schwebel, 52, residing in Strasbourg, Graffenstaden, France.

After the assault, the offender attempted to flee but was caught by police and was arrested.

Police chiefs and several witnesses told the agency Telam that the man was approached by an assailant who began to struggle to get the bag with the camera.

“We thought we were two drunks who were fighting, but then we realized that the man was being attacked,” said a neighbor who with his wife witnessed the incident.

“I pulled the camera and started screaming. Stabbed him and began to worry. The poor man was gushing blood,” said the woman.

Police sources confirmed the statements of witnesses to indicate that in the resistance of the victim, the offender was applied to the man stabbed in the chest and ran.

The head of the SAME, Alberto Crescenti said the ambulance Telam “took 4 minutes to get to the scene from the occurrence of the alert, but when doctors checked it was already dead. He presented a stab in the chest,” said .

The attacker crossed Del Libertador Avenue to the Plaza de Retiro, where the English Tower, but there was run by a witness who told him to shout at a police station 46th. which was shutdown. .



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