The government of Catamarca fought after the violent eviction of anti-mining protest

“We fulfill a court order,” said Minister of Provincial Government and Justice, Francisco Gordillo, “We do not agree with any repression,” he said, the police operation in Tinogasta left over 20 injured

After the violent police operation of Catamarca, which dislodged a protest this morning in Tinogasta-mining, the provincial government stated that it “complied with a court order” and rejected the repression that left around 20 injured.

“We now fulfill a court order. We are officers of the court,” said Minister of Government and Justice provincial, Francisco Gordillo, in dialogue with the news channel TN. Gordillo admitted that the operation left at least, 24 wounded, between protesters and police.

“We are officers of the court. Part of our responsibility as a state. It hurts a lot,” added the official, who explained: “There are 11 troops wounded, police dogs also, and mobile shattered.”

Gordillo told Tinogasta hospital is “12 or 13 people with injuries,” and said inciará the “administrative actions” necessary to identify the police violently suppressed the environmentalists. “Today it or yes you had to do the eviction, but we’re not justifying what the police can take forward,” said the minister.


Police, shields, rubber bullets, tear gas, police dogs and stones this morning staged a violent eviction in Catamarca Tinogasta town, where a group of residents protested against the mine La Alumbrera , operated by the Swiss company Xstrata Cooper and Canadian Goldcorp Inc. Yamana Gold.

“That hatred and impotence gives me this,” said one protester to the news channel TN. “It’s a shame what happens,” he said, while alleging to have been beaten camera. Another neighbor launched: “The governors are under economic power.”

The protest prevented the passage of trucks carrying materials for the mining project, after the police operation, had an open path to head towards the mine.

The evacuation began shortly after 9.30 am and soon had violent consequences.

Video:  Police clashed with demonstrators in Tinogasta




While the police broke Tinogasta protest, 268 miles away in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, the secretary of the National Mining, Jorge Mayoral, met with entrepreneurs and local officials, has learned the NATION. The meeting also attended by the Secretary of Catamarca Mining, Rodolfo Miccone, government authorities Lucia ultrakirchnerista Corpacci and local legislators.

According to spokespersons from the provincial department, the meeting was due to the presentation, by Mayoral, the “Board approval”, a program that aims to mining companies to buy their supplies in Argentina.

This newspaper has learned, Mayoral was on television before attending the meeting at the Hotel de Turismo, Tinogasta incidents.


Senator Kirchner Anibal Fernandez rejected the repression of the protest. “I never agreed to suppress social protest or popular protest. To be clear, I also disagree with the use of violence in Tinogasta or anywhere in the NOA, whatever the cause,” Fernandez said, according DyN agency.”What happens in the provinces, is a decision of the provinces,” said former chief of staff.,-64.753418&spn=6.793836,14.172363&z=6&output=embed

Before yesterday, the police cleared the route up to 40 Alpamikuna, Catamarca, and detained 30 assembly members , who for twenty days that blocked access to the Bajo La Alumbrera mine in the north of Bethlehem.


The organization Greenpeace nominated President Cristina Kirchner teleconference dialogue with the residents of Catamarca and La Rioja to listen to their grievances regarding mining projects.

“We agree with the President on the need to engage in serious debate on the issue and on the development path chosen for the country, we participate in it,” said Martin said Prieto, executive director of the organization.

Yesterday, during a ceremony , in conversation with a worker at the plant of Cementos Avellaneda who claimed to blocks to mining projects such as Bajo La Alumbrera in Catamarca, the President said: “We’ll have to give us a serious discussion : we have to demand environmental quality companies, but also the responsibility to individual agencies. ”

“The debate is very serious, very serious reflection, we have to give in Argentina,” said the head of state. “We want to hear all positions. We must protect the environment, because it is our home,” he said.

Greenpeace’s reaction came quickly. “To be a serious debate on environmental matters must be heard criticizing mining positions and not repress them or pursue them,” Prieto slipped. .



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