Aboriginal children and working in precarious conditions yerbal


They were in grass crop fields located in Puerto Leoni and Capioví. They were employees of the firm Demirol SA, which develops the brand Leaf and invoice more than 20 million pesos per year. They lived without the minimum health, safety and sanitation, and in some cases reduced to servitude. The average hourly wage they received no more than 1600 pesos a month.

Photo AFIP.

Posadas. A screening procedure for illegal work revealed Thursday that 59 employees of the company yerbatera Demirol SA living in subhuman conditions in the jungle of Puerto Leoni and Campo Viera. Among those surveyed were Aboriginal, foreign and children who worked for the firm to bill more than 20 million pesos per year, according to the report of the operation of the AFIP.

During the survey it was found that 53 percent of day laborers had irregularities in their employment status. As stated by the workers, earned wages from 1,200 to 1,600 pesos per month and the employer’s last name Mondino, recruited among the herbalists showed the presence of two Aboriginal communities who were living in identical situations of distress, said the Federal revenue.

Among workers, there were children without their parents in the environment. Everyone slept in a tent camp of plastic in a situation of extreme hardship, in an area without electricity, gas, sanitation or drinking water.

As workers reported the AFIP, taking water from a stream and bathed in a pool of standing water. After being relieved, the laborers left the camp.




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