For the INDEC, a family earning AR$ 1,424 is not poor

What percentage of the population is below the line for the government and private consultants. What is official cost of the food basket.





Total Basic Basket (CBT) which measures the poverty line for a typical family in January stood at $ 1,423.92, according to theINDEC today. That means that if the four members of the familyget $ 1,424 per month are not considered by the state agency as recipients of certain social programs or are part of the percentage of the total population in that situation.

Official data indicate that the poverty line, measured by the Basic Food Basket for that same family in January stood at $ 640.64.

The CBT is defined as the minimum consumption required for a person to feed, move, have some leisure and health care.

On the other hand, include the Basic Food Basket (CBA) that provides only the minimum consumption of calories a person needs to just stay alive, and that defines the poverty line.

According to the official body composed of a typical family fatherand mother of 35 and 31 years with a son and a daughter 5 of 8,640.4 pesos need to avoid falling into destitution, that is, 0.98 % more than in December.

Inflation in 2011 was higher for lower-income sectors registering a change of 12.1 percent, up from 9.5 percent that showed the overall index, as indicated by the body’s own data.

Based on these data, the Government believes that poverty nowaffect less than 15% of the population, although private studiesconsider that almost 30% would be in that condition, publishedprofile.




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