The accused of killing French photographer had been arrested 10 times

This is Victor Ramón Giménez, who was arrested for the crime of Laurent Schwebel. Since 2006, went through various stations of the Federal Police. Have a history of theft, violation of drug laws and resisting arrest.

The defendant began stealing when he was younger and was arrested in 2006 for committing an assault with a deadly weapon. At that time was available to a juvenile court. Committed the offense on several occasions in the Retiro and Plaza Argentina Air Force, where he was arrested minutes after murdering the French photographer.

In the past six years, Gimenez was arrested on ten occasions in police stations 8a, 15a, 46a and 51a. Although it was released several times by judges who considered the offenses of attempted theft and resisting arrest did not warrant remand. This time he was captured in the area that was developing, but for the first time was for murder.

The offender went to steal the first item that was. In this case used a knife, which is undergoing expert to determine whether it was the murder weapon.

Yesterday, the alleged murderer refused to testify and remain in detention, judicial sources confirmed Assisted by a public defender, Gimenez refused to testify before the judge Fernando Caunedo, who ordered that the defendant continued detention pending that will resolve the legal situation, ie whether or not processing dictates.

Could be prosecuted for homicide on the occasion of theft or of “killing criminis cause”, the latter is being committed to conceal another crime, in this case, robbery, and has a term of imprisonment or life imprisonment.



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