Argentina: Reported a net to spy on government opponents, admitted by Gendarmerie

The head of the National Gendarmerie, Major General Hector Schenone, before the court would have recognized the existence of a special unit in the force that performs intelligence on political and social leaders. As the program broadcast last night in Two Voices , which is TN issued by the holder of the strength mentioned the launch of an operation known as Project X, which would include the inclusion of undercover agents in the social protests for information from their leaders.

The complaint, supported by social organizations and political leaders of the opposition, met amid strong demand for political and labor sectors to demand the repeal of the anti-terrorism law, promoted by the government and enacted in late 2011. Schenone spoke about the operation of this division in a note of four pages, sent on December 22 last year to federal judge Norberto Oyarbide, in a case involving protests against Kraft.

In justifying the conduct of intelligence work, the owner explained that prison guards are carried out as part of additional shares to judicial investigations, which did not specify. Unless they are ordered by the courts, domestic spying activities are expressly prohibited in the Internal Security Act and the law of national intelligence.

The aim of the so-called Project X would obtain personal information, bank transactions, habits, beliefs and addresses of leaders of social movements and unions. Be sought as well, data on finance and banking (movements in savings accounts, time deposits, checks and credit cards) and details of a private nature, as if you smoke or drink alcohol.

Also released a video denouncing the infiltration of agents of the gendarmerie in social protests and intelligence to identify the ringleaders.

The court case in which Schenone spoke of the intelligence program named Dario Javier Hermosilla, who was steward and was part of protests against Kraft, which included cuts in the Pan American Highway, from 2007.

The lawyer Marcelo Parrilli, the Socialist Workers Movement (MST), attributed political responsibilities to the Government. “We can not think this is a creation of the Gendermería. Judges have to investigate,” claimed the aim primarily to the security ministers, Nilda Garre, Defense, Arturo Puricelli, and the Interior, Florencio Randazzo.

The former MP Fernanda Gil Lozano, of the Civic Coalition, recalled that last year presented a request for information the executive branch to gather information about military intelligence work.”What are the differences with Astiz did what?” He asked. .



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