Outrageous: Oberá lost its prestigious zootoxical center for lack of support from the mayor


14:46 | This was confirmed in an exclusive interview with MisionesCuatro.com, proprietor Dr. Alexander Vogt, hurt by the carelessnesswith which he was treated by the State missionary and especiallyby the mayor obereño Ewaldo Rindfleich.
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The famous Center City Zootoxicológico Oberá, who wonprestige during the quarter century that worked based on the development of antivenom and the consequent saving lives forover three hundred specimens of snakes and other animals, andserving a dual role science and tourism, has just closed its doors for lack of financial and logistical support from the provincial and municipal governments Restorers.

Four Missions In these days present a comprehensive reportprepared by the weekly “Infóber”, directed by journalist EdwardJacquemin, ‘in which the dr. Vogt develops the details that he was forced to make the decision to move its research center forbiological another town missionary General Roca, where did getsupport from the mayor and all the animals and the infrastructureof tourist attraction will be taken to Puerto Iguazu acquired by a company linked to the family of Maurice Closs Goberndor.

In the so-called “tourist town” is just lost because of neglectofficer, a notable tourist attraction and also scientific. In recent years, mentioned the dr. Vogt fieron 876 people saved byapplication of serum he elaborated after being bitten by one of the poisonous species jararacas essentially that abound inwildlife.



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