Argentina: corruption and espionage scandals

The impact of the spying scandal Gendarmerie. Suspicions about Boudou. And the eternal official doublespeak.

BOUDOU corrupcion
BOUDOU corrupcion

For Nelson Castro

18/02/12 – 10:31

CANTOR AND “guitar”. Amado Boudou. DRAWINGS: PABLO FEAR.
Project X has produced shock. And that shock also covers sectors of government and social organizations that support it. Is that the basis of this action recognized by the head of the Gendarmerie, Major Hector Schenone, is the criminalization of social protest, which undermines one of the columns supporting Kirchner’s speech.
It is clear that the facts in principle have been reported so far predate the creation of the Ministry of Security and the assumption at the head of the ministry of Nilda Garre. The testimony and the court case referred to the episode of the protests over layoffs of workers Kraft back in 2009. At that time the security forces were under the aegis of the then chief of staff, Anibal Fernandez. It is no coincidence that the senator has now gone away to try to discredit the serious complaint. In his words the presentation belies Schenone. In a few paragraphs of this presentation, shows the existence of such intelligence work.

There is a fundamental fact to be underlined: the security forces are enabled to do intelligence on criminal organizations for the purpose of preventing and / or prevent a crime. What can not and should do is intelligence on political or social organizations. We said that this comes from before Garre. But under management has continued. Could someone like the Minister, which makes the obsession over dogma, having been gone such a project?
What if the President had said such a project would have concocted Mauricio Macri? Had he responded with silence as he has done so far?

All this has complicated the present hour Security Minister. It is true that their hours are difficult for some days. The crackdown on demonstrators who claimed credit for having been deployed during the Falklands War did not let it stop. The minister accused the protesters of extortionists and tried to excuse himself from liability for police actions, explaining that his troops had done so following an order issued by a judge. Given this argument, it is worth remembering that on other occasions, taken from American Indian Park, occupation club Albariño and intrusion of housing for the residents of Villa Creek, where there were also orders the Minister has arrogated to himself the power to prohibit the actions of the police, in a clear attitude of disobedience.

The cause analysis is essential to have a good idea of the size of this Project X. From reading the file indicates that the judge drew on data collected by the Gendarmerie to prosecute several of the accused. Close a road or path is a crime which, when promoted by groups that are not related to the government, is punished by the judges but which, when played by those who are close to the ruling, goes unpunished. From the testimonies of the members of the Gendarmerie it as the following, part of the official Calisaya Elisabeth, who said he “could see there were three people, clearly identifiable, which revealed to be the leaders, giving directions to the protesters and being interviewed through the newspapers that there were manifested. Therefore, finding the deponent as a civilian, mingled with the crowd, covertly, and began to collect data on the persons in question, asking among people who were demonstrating on behalf of the leaders, obtaining data from accused Gentile, Norniella and Coria “.

The issue does not end here. At this point it is essential to know the vastness and the implementation of this Project X. It is also clear that it will be a political decision that can determine the extent, as far judges have upheld the actions of the Gendarmerie. Taking into account that the judge in charge of the criminal case that led to Project X is Norberto Oyarbide, means that the likelihood of serious research is practically zero.

Another fact that complicates the government: the scandal involving Amado Boudou with the operations of the former Ciccone intaglio. But for some unknown destination, it is clear that Kirchner has no luck with the vice presidents: Nestor Kirchner and the then Senator Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner never digested Daniel Scioli when he held that office (now either), with Julio Cobos things were not either before or after the voting, which pulverized the Resolution 125, and now with Boudou this fact it involves corruption and that the government does not know how to handle. The strength of the evidence are beginning to complicate it increasingly uncomfortable to several officials. “The silence of Amado is a tremendous thing because it means there is no response able to demonstrate that everything is being said is a lie,” he acknowledged with great fear of being identified with a source at Government House office. A fact that was common knowledge in the City of Buenos Aires in the past week was the participation of Jorge Brito, the banker’s power that now seems to have fallen from grace, who is mentioned as the contributor of funds to lift the bankruptcy of Ciccone. That decision led to Brown what was known as the “divorce of the year” as Eduardo Ceballos, his partner, refused to endorse the operation.

That Kirchner, with the imprint of his crusade against the standards that have ruled the Menem administration in the 90, look at such a scandal involving no less than Vice President with the saga of a company like Ciccone, emblematic of the corruption of those years , linked to Alfredo Yabran and involved in the origins of the scandalous case of ID, not only confirms the permanent contradictions that constitute pure Kirchner, at last, after all, its very essence. In Germany just resigned President Christian Wulff, accused of influence peddling for having received from a businessman friend a loan of 500 thousand euros to buy a house for his second wife. Given the spread of such fact, public outrage forced the resignation of Wulff. Just like here.

Journalistic production:
Guido Baistrocchi.



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