Argentina: Vice President Amado Boudou involved in a corruption case.

The situation in the Senate could become a little uncomfortable, because the radical bloc of the Senate is scheduled to reclaim the executive branch a series of reports on the relationship with the employer’s vice president Alejandro Vandenbroele, accused by his ex-wife be the front man for vice president in the company owned by the former Ciccone intaglio.

This was confirmed to La Nacion chief bloc radical Senate, Luis Naidenoff (Formosa), who predicted that in the coming hours will submit a request for information under Decree 1172, access to public information, to the Chief of Staff of Ministers.

The announcement of Naidenoff joins the request for information submitted in the House of Representatives by Democrat Charles Favario progressive (Santa Fe), who wishes to know whether is related Vandenbroele Boudou and if partner at Natural Habitat SA, José María Núñez Carmona, the lawyer who handled the lifting of the bankruptcy of intaglio Ciccone.

The difference between the two presentations lies in the speed of response. Favario draft must be approved by the full House floor to be paid, after discussion in the Budget and Finance Committee, which has a large majority Kirchner. The order of UCR senators, however, go directly to the Executive, which is bound to answer it in a time not exceeding ten working days.

“We are interested to know the relationship with Vandenbroele Boudou and Núñez Carmona and we want the Executive Branch to inform us the details,” said Naidenoff.

The leader of the Radical senators special emphasis on the relationship with the impression Vandenbroele tickets 100 pesos, a process that the Central Bank had launched by tender, but suspended after the allegations became known to the Company link Sudamericana de Valores (current name of Ciccone) with Boudou.

“We want to know the reasons which had made the decision to give the former Ciccone printing tickets 100 pesos when he offered a price 30% higher than other proposals,” said Naidenoff.

In this regard, the request for information that will drive the UCR will be directed to the Chief of Cabinet, but with the directive to obtain information from various government agencies such as the Department of Corporations, the Federal Public Revenue Administration, the General Inspectorate Justice and the National Commission for Protection of Competition.


The deputy project Favario, meanwhile, aims to collect information on reports linking Boudou with conducting business with the State through third parties or strawmen.

“If some of this information we would be faced facts that could implicate the vice president for serious violations of the law on public ethics and possible criminal acts,” says Favario in the fundamentals of their initiative.

Among other things, the legislator also wants to know if there was a recommendation from the Mint for the Central Bank the company hired Vandenbroele for printing tickets.

Favario justifies its request for information in the “striking and inexplicable” Boudou silence.



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