Argentina: The SAME confirmed that there are 40 dead and over 550 injured after a train crash at Once

About 30 passengers remained trapped in the cars after atraining Sarmiento will impact against the platform this morning,rescuers working at the site.
The owner of the SAME, Alberto Crescenti, confirmed this afternoon that there dead after train crash in Once and a balance of 550 wounded. It also stated that about 30 passengers remain trapped between the first and the second carriage of the training that today struck the platform.Transportation Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi, had earlier admitted the possibility of there after the impact fatalities recorded this morning at rush hour.According to initial reports, a formation of the Sarmiento line, which would have left unchecked, it rammed into the top of the platform and caused the accident.

“It was a very strong braking. I broke my arm,” said one of the affected passengers traveling on board. “The train is seen that lost its brakes and crashed. Moreno traveled to eleven. I fell, I fell over people. There are people in my car broken. Now firefighters are working,” he said in a conversation with Radio Mitre.

So far, there is talk of a total of 550 wounded and dozens of passengers trapped in training. Rescuers work in the area to try to evacuate all victims.

The accident and its causes are being investigated by Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio.


The news of the accident was known among the health-mounted operating the port of Buenos Aires after the arrival of the cruise in which a crewman died from influenza B. In this context, Crescenti first spoke to the press and announced that he had sent about 15 ambulances to the area.

Later, SAME staff began withdrawing on stretchers to passengers who were injured in a different account and moved to nearby hospitals. Meanwhile, others with minor injuries, they left the place on foot.

In turn, the driver of the train that crashed into the retaining fence to enter the Miserere station was removed from the training and taken by ambulance. It was one of the operating voltage was increased, as dozens of rescue workers gathered at the front of the train to try to get him out of the wreckage. Learned that would have involved the legs.

Soon officials were present in the area of the accident. Among them, highlighted the Transportation Secretary’s Office, Juan Pablo Schiavi, and Buenos Aires Security Minister Guillermo Montenegro.

For the condition of the wounded, family members can contact the Hospital Duran (4981-2790 / 4982-5555) and Ramos Mejia Hospital (4127-0400)


The line Sarmiento, who starred in the accident this morning, brings together several strands. The involved in the crash today is electrified branch Eleven-Moreno, 36 kilometers long.

Of all the networks, the Sarmiento is one of the most comprehensive services. Its catchment area covers the western sector of the Federal Capital and ten municipalities of Greater Buenos Aires ..


Un comentario sobre “Argentina: The SAME confirmed that there are 40 dead and over 550 injured after a train crash at Once

  1. Qué cosas raras… en Telefé Noticias estaban pasando la nota del trágico accidente de hoy y de golpe, salta a GRAN HERMANO… con uno de los nabos diciendo… “somos como un caldo y a medida que vamos hirviendo nos vamos reduciendo”
    Será que hace tanto que no miro TV que ésto me llama la atención ¿? Me sonó un poquitito siniestro!


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