Argentina: Judge related to the government could take over the case against the vice president.

In his court processing a previous complaint had been filed

The case in under investigation Vice President Amado Boudou could, by an unexpected diversion, landing in the court of Norberto Oyarbide. However, because current researchers are not willing to pamper, tribunalicias sources said.

The reason is that last December, when they began to transcend the first information on the new drivers for the intaglio printing Ciccone and his ties to the vice president, filed a complaint.

After the drawing of rigor, the case began on Dec. 14 by former Pacific carapintada Jorge Orlando went to the court Oyarbide.

But because the complainant never submitted to confirm the accusation, the case was filed.

This situation may change as Pacific would have communicated with the court to express their interest in keeping the issue alive.

So it was quoted for next Tuesday to ratify the complaint he had made two months ago, before the judicial January.

A procedural rule states that if two judges are investigating the same facts is competent who had started the investigation in the first place or who had more advanced.

The complaint which is currently investigating Boudou, which is in the hands of the prosecutor Carlos Rívolo delegated by the judge Daniel Rafecas, began in mid-February. He began with complaints from lawyers and Ricardo Jorge Vitale Monner Sans. Meanwhile, Oyarbide complaint was filed in December. Of Rívolo is the most advanced and the other was not even ratified.

For now, Rívolo wants nothing to dispose of a cause which gave impetus, judicial sources said. At least to possess the documents to establish whether there mértios sufficient to charge or not the vice president.

The complaint was against Vandenbroele Pacific and others, and while not naming Boudou referred to the sale of Ciccone was made “using influences” of a “political character”. For the cause sleight of hand, you would need to Oyarbide claimed his colleague Rafecas competition issue that also must review the prosecutor Jorge Di Lello, who was on duty in December with Oyarbide. Di Lello also would agree to make the case to Rívolo. End of the month, when Pacific confirm the complaint, we will know the fate of this cause ..



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