Boudou investigated for money laundering in the case Ciccone Crime is pursued by the prosecutor in the case

Amado Boudou Vice President and a group of entrepreneurs who are friends or acquaintances of him and are investigated by the Justice for alleged money laundering offenses and negotiations inconsistent with the public.

This was yesterday ordered the Attorney Carlos Rívolo to state agencies requesting reports on the efforts of businessmen linked to the vice president for print control most of Argentina, the former Ciccone intaglio enabled to print documents and paper money.

Rívolo gave the impulse thus formally initiated a criminal case from journalistic investigations, which revealed the link between Boudou and entrepreneurs who acquired Ciccone broken and in order to access semicerteza a business of $ 50 million, from the printing of banknotes of $ 100.

The investigation of the cause, the court Rafecas Daniel, was delegated to the prosecutor, which provided the first steps. “Money laundering and negotiations incompatible with the civil service is the qualification attempt in light of the facts in the record,” wrote Rívolo to order the test measures.

This is true, judicial sources said La Nacion, because trying to determine if the vice president was interested in defining the lifting of the bankruptcy of Ciccone and establish where they came from the funds to do so, because in principle was provided by people they would not have the economic capacity for that.

AFIP had asked him to justice in commercial bankruptcy after accumulating debts Ciccone more than 240 million pesos. The bankruptcy was decreed July 15, 2010. However, the AFIP retraced his steps in the weeks that followed and called for the lifting of the bankruptcy, while a trading partner Boudou, lawyer José María Núñez Carmona, contacted creditors of the former Ciccone. We anticipated that with the help of then Finance Minister would obtain new contracts, according to people aware of the steps.

It was a friend of Mar del Plata Boudou, lawyer Alejandro Vandenbroele, acting on behalf of the firm, The Old Fund SA, the player who would take care of Ciccone.

Like Russian dolls, which are placed one inside the other, The Old Fund SA is controlled by the Dutch CV Land International Investments, which in turn is controlled by two companies based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Both the Dutch fund as Swiss companies are dissolved in the business records collated by the NATION. And as the legal representative of the background figure Land Charles Schneider, a retiree who takes the credit at least after 27 years in the merchant navy and when he consulted the NATION, stated that he knew what it was all about.

The Vandenbroele woman, Laura Munoz, said publicly that her husband is “the front man Boudou.” The testimony of the lady, who is divorcing her husband, could be achieved by the statutory prohibition applies to testify against a spouse, if the offense does not affect the employee. However, there is case law that means that this story would be acceptable as a first notice of the alleged offense.

The former Ciccone, now with new owners, was responsible for printing ballots for Victory Front for the primary election last August and received technical support from Mint for printing 100 bills pesos, about 50 million. This business was cut short because the scandal broke.

One of the central bank officials who have supported the participation of the business Ciccone was the general manager Benigno Velez, now removed from office in a decision that notified the president of the organization, Mercedes Marco del Pont.

Rívolo personally filled out the trades yesterday that he had signed on to ask the first elements. Search made of those papers to determine quickly whether or not a crime. The prosecutor was at noon from the federal courthouse in Comodoro Py 2002, Retreat to the Obelisk area, where he visited in 1200, Roque Saenz Pena Judge Javier Cosentino, the commercial court No. 8, on the seventh floor .

Here is located the record of the bankruptcy of Ciccone. The judge showed a total readiness to give full access to the event, which incidentally is in the Court of Appeals. In that case are narrated step by step the contributions of capital and movement of those close to the vice president. Rívolo also asked the AFIP reports to determine which intervention had on the subject and what led to the capital contributions that allowed the lifting of bankruptcy.

He also sent an official letter to Trade Secretary Guillermo Moreno, where history asks the record by which he restored to the former printing plant Ciccone was rented for one year the firm Boldt, although the judge bankruptcy had authorized the hire. And requested data to the Research Tax Prosecution Unit and Contraband (Ufitco) of their research on Ciccone evasion.


Is the man who took over the former intaglio printing Ciccone. Listed as monotributista and childhood friend of Vice President.
Boudou’s largest trading partner in Natural Habitat firms and Investment Real Estate Aspen. Him as the business operator for the new Ciccone.
Holder Mint
He came to the agency of the labor Boudou. It was he who recommended hiring Ciccone for printing bills of 100 pesos.
Former Manager of the Central Bank
He came to the Central Bank of the labor Boudou. He was replaced, amid reports that point to it as a driver of business Ciccone.


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