The order to the train driver: “Go, go”

He said he told him to continue the march despite the fact that the brakes failed, the prosecutor said the Government for the targeting of subsidies

It doesn’t matter to her. While confirming the finding of the body of Lucas Rey Menghini, President Cristina Kirchner arrived at the airport in El Calafate.

“At each station on the radio warning him to traffic controller who had brake problems. The other side I responded, followed, followed, followed.”Thus, the driver Marcos Antonio Córdoba described to Judge Claudio Bonadio how were the moments before the train collided TBA Company against the station platform 2 Once, in a tragedy in which 51 passengers died. Last night, sources said Fraternity, the union that groups of drivers, after hearing a statement from Cordoba, the judge ordered his release with a number of conditions, although the federal prosecutor Federico Delgado objected to the driver of the training No. 3772 be released until completion of the surveys.

This statement would complicate the situation of the company responsible for TBA, the firm licensee of trains which accomplish the journey between Moreno and Eleven.

In this sense, the prosecutor asked Judge Delgado Bonadio summoned to give evidence that the delegates complained that the railroad train, carrying the 51 passengers who died when the formation defenses hit the station platform 2 Eleven circulated with brake failure.

Furthermore, in an opinion which was seen La Nacion, the representative of the Attorney General asked the judge to investigate what caused Bonadio TBA company with the money he turned the national state in grants. In its ruling, the prosecutor Delgado also pointed to the alleged responsibility of public officials to be sure that this money is invested in the maintenance of the formations.

The prosecution based its order on the report of the Auditor General’s Office in which “highlighted the existence of significant irregularities that should have been remedied by the dealer with the monies received from the State, between 2007 and 2011. Be warned, moreover, the passivity of the National Commission for Transport Regulation. ”

In that report, completed in 2008, the auditors concluded that TBA failed to make proper maintenance of rolling stock.

“There are emergency brake handles. The parking brake is inoperative. Missing wheel brake. Brake cylinders are inoperative. The brake shoes are out of tread. The tread is deformed”, these were some of the flaws found by technicians in the cars of the former line Sarmiento.Delgado said a precedent on a case in which defendants were responsible for a train operating company and state officials who did not control the fulfillment of the contract.This is the case in which defendants were the owners of the Metropolitan Railway Company.

Cromagnon tragedy.

In yesterday’s edition, La Nacion published the complaint of Edgardo Reynoso, a delegate from the list embroidered Railway Union, who said that the train that caused the tragedy circulated with reduced stopping capability.

“The train No. 3772, also identified with the plate 16, left the shop a week ago with three of the eight compressors running. On Monday he was taken back to the shop, where they changed one of the three compressors and added others two. Thus in the time of the crash that train was with five of the eight compressors that activate the brakes and doors, “said Reynoso.

From these statements, Reynoso could be called as a witness in case No. 1701/12. In its opinion, the prosecutor suggested to the judge summoned the delegates, because, unlike other workers, could not be subjected to pressure or threats of layoffs.

The prosecutor also suggested that you take as a working guide the judgment of the Criminal Court of Appeals on the tragedy in the disk Cromagnon Republic, killing 194 people.

“In that ruling, the Court of Appeals emphasized the key role played by the context in the result. This means that conditions were the efficient cause of the fact,” he said Delgado’s opinion, to establish a contact point on how events seem isolated, taken in context, may have set the stage for a tragedy.



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