UK – Argentina conflict reloaded: Minister Giorgi says Argentine companies should not purchase British products


Télam. National News Agency of Argentina. Feb. 29, 2012. Minister of Industry Débora Giorgi proposed to the Chairmen and managers of at least 20 national and transnational firms that import products from the United Kingdom, that they should replace that origin and choose other countries from where to purchase them.

Giorgi noticed that the import of such British products has increased last year.

Industry Ministry sources informed that Giorgi made her proposal through telephone contacts. Her goal is to prevent the reduction of the surplus that Argentina still maintains with the United Kingdom, and to develop more trade with those countries that respect the territorial integrity of the Argentine Republic, its sovereign claims and its natural resources.

“It is fundamental for Argentina to decide who are its strategic trade partners and in that sense the Government is giving a signal for those who still use colonialism as a way to have access to alien natural resources”, the source reported.

The Government noticed that imports from Britain increased by 40% during the first 11 months of last year, compared to the similar period of 2010.

Imports from Great Britain increased from 440 million dollars in 2010 to 614 million last year, thus reducing by more than 60% the trade surplus with Britain, which dropped from 274 to 10 million dollars.



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