Corruption in Argentina: Justice banned Schiavi and Cirigliano from leaving the country

The Court today banned from leaving the country the officials of the Ministry of Transport, led by Juan Pablo Schiavi, and company executives Trenes, brothers Mario and Claudio Cirigliano.

So I ordered the federal judge Claudio Bonadio, in charge of the cause for the accident on 22 February at Station Eleven, judicial sources said the agency DyN.

In addition, the Federal Chamber of Bonadio review the decision to accept the government as plaintiff in the cause they are investigating 51 deaths and 703 injured in the accident rail station Eleven.

That will happen because the attorney Gregory Dalbón, acting as prosecutor on behalf of wounded from the fact, appealed the judge’s decision today to have as part of the government.

Furthermore, counsel challenged the court to stop the cause and denounced him for the crime of malfeasance, take decisions contrary to law, the sources said.


Objected to the decision Dalbón Bonadio because government officials and people “can be charged” in the cause and also gives “a chance to know, in advance, the elements on which the complaint will be supported, opening the possibility that manipulated to avoid responsibility, hindering the investigation. “

Counsel considered that Bonadio committed a “flagrant violation” of the Code of Criminal reserve figure plaintiff “exclusively, to any person with civil capacity particularly offended by a crime against public order.”

Bonadio agreed to the government as a prosecutor to consider that “it is a legal person of public law” and who must ensure public transport.

Moreover, the court clarified that its decision “does not prevent identify and pursue possible criminal responsibility of its officers, who are natural persons” 



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