Argentina: terrorist group kill police officer in Patagonia

The response to the stop order of occupants of the van driven by John Mark Fernandez, early Wednesday morning last, was a gunshot culminating with the death of Sergeant Joseph Aigo.

The first version in the early hours of Wednesday on an act of poaching and cattle rustling was fading to migrate towards the possibility of drug possession. But as seen in yesterday afternoon that at least one of the fugitives was of Chilean origin, Alexis Torres Alfredo Cortez, that the backpack had been found plane tickets to destinations such as Colombia and Venezuela, when he took power version that would come from the city of Bariloche that one of them would also Chilean anthropologist, and also in the facebook image of Torres Cortez is alluding to clothing using one of the groups investigated in Chile by major terrorist attacks, the track of the tax grew stronger. The presence of these people in the van of John Mark Fernandez, and the reaction they had to shoot at close range when he tried Aigo seize the vehicle body, these assumptions have a greater hold.

In this morning confirmed the version that also shuffled in the afternoon yesterday, the other would also fugitive investigations in Chile and fall on a member of the group Lautaro, who five years ago was the only one not arrested then the assault on Banco Security in Santiago where they killed a custody. The newspaper reports show that Gutièrrez Quiduleo escaped across the border of Argentina and was told years ago that he had taken refuge in the city of Bariloche. One version yesterday realized that those who participated in this crime, came from that city.

Also reported that before going to the area of Aluminé have gone to the area near Yuco, to find someone who did not find.

Mapu Lautaro The group has excelled in recent years for their ferocity in bombings, including some reports that chronic instructive found how to make explosives and how to go between the young capturing their attention. The members of the Lautaro group carried out several acts of violence in different parts of Neuquen capital, Cipolletti and Buenos Aires. Several of its members were arrested, including some years ago a famous case had an impact when a woman tried to enter Zapala prison, where they were detained two members of the group with explosives on his body with the intention of blowing up a wall and facilitate an escape.

If you pay attention to how the group has performed, there is always shooting at close range reacted to being caught by police or by police in the case of Chile.

It now remains to know which was the declaration of John Mark Fernandez, who today would be asked by the judge Cosentino, to know the truth, as the Mayor Fernandez said on Thursday morning and identify what caused the presence of the girl in the place with a vehicle you own.

With regard to the cause that John Mark was taken to the warden of the station 23 of our city, as expressed in statements of the Mountain Fm, Commissioner Saade, head of the police station, the measure was taken as a precaution to provide security because in Junin de los Andes, the status of the sensitive by the death of Sergeant Joseph Aigo to avoid greater evils, it was decided to transfer.



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