Corruption in Argentina: Boudou complicated in money laundry case


The contradiction of Boudou: he had to admit that intervened on behalf of Ciccone
The vice president had denied his action in the bankruptcy proceedings of the press, in newspapers and radio stations had denied, but later acknowledged that presented “a note”

Amado Boudou with Cristina Kirchner. Photo: File / Fernando Massobrio / THE NATION
More notes to understand this topic
Binner demanded the government “not to cover with silence” to Boudou

By yesterday morning, in interviews, Boudou had denied any involvement in strict form in the process of bankruptcy of the former Ciccone. In the report that the vice president gave the newspaper Página 12, journalists Cibeira Fernando and Nicolas Lantos asked specifically about this issue and said:

Journalists-How is the operation that involved Ciccone intaglio, in which the AFIP had asked its bankruptcy and then rose to the Group acquired The Old Fund?
Amado Boudou, is an operation that I influenced or had any direct involvement. In addition, a commercial court to intervene-I do not know either, and that decisions will be taken according to law. From what I’ve read the case I have understood that there were even resolutions that were appealed to higher courts and have had their breakthrough in the case.

Q. So you think you know the subject operation may be transparent or irregularities?
AB-operation is a legal procedure which defines a trade issue. I do not know the record, I have not followed, but should have a normal procedure, I have no reason to think something different.

Those words were also spoken in the stories they gave reporters Jorge Rial, radio La Red, and Victor Hugo Morales, Radio Continental. “I have nothing to do,” said Vice President Boudou.

At night, the questions were the same, but the answers, for some reason, were different. The program with its own voice, which leads Gustavo Sylvestre, on Channel A24, completely changed the former minister of script:

Gustavo Sylvestre: How do you finance minister had any involvement by Ciccone to save it from bankruptcy?
Amado Boudou: I have a single note, in thousands and thousands of leaves, where, exactly, I put these criteria. On the one hand, it is government policy to preserve jobs, but on the other hand, it must be all in the context of the powers of the director of the AFIP and the operation of the AFIP and care should be taken that no decline intax revenues. This has been a permanent policy of the government: sustaining employment in many cases.

GS: You had no involvement to try to help or save Ciccone to do this business?
AB: When from the Anses urge a loan to General Motors in crisis. Is a positive to sustain employment. That has nothing to do with that I have anything to do with General Motors. Throughout my tenure I have worked hard for businesses to sustain employment and may continue to operate and, above all to preserve jobs. I repeat: there is only one note in a judicial proceeding that has file bankruptcy, bankruptcy court documents in the Federal Court in the Commercial, this is nonsense. I think the shaft is another.

GS: They say that Katya Daura Boudou made in the Mint, to Beningo Velez at the Central Bank Ciccone saved and then went with the business of printing money. all closed.
AB: This is absurd. There is a bankruptcy judge, a camera, another camera. It is really absurd, because we also in the judiciary have nothing to do. It is not even the AFIP did something, but the judge gave consent to the operation that was carried forward.

Video: The contradictions of the case Amado Boudou Ciccone (A24)
These responses are quite different from the ones given in the morning, for example, the program Gotik City, on the Web, where the questions he answered:

Jorge Rial: In this case, Ciccone and all this, do you feel that you got some responsibility, perhaps by default, you feel something, something you have to do with it?
Boudou: You know what I feel? That I criticize Ciccone and faced the issue, but actually my problem is not helping Boldt. If I have helped Boldt, there would be no problem.
Rial: But you asked for help directly?
Boudou: Look, there were many attempts to Boldt to stay yet and for progress in this regard. But hey, these things will go dilucidándose from all this. When there is a government that does not wrinkle up with corporations, non-employee of business, things get to know them all.

The Clarin newspaper in its Monday edition, published the text note, which bears the number 2578899-2010, to the head of the AFIP, Ricardo Echegaray, which Boudou, as economy minister, says the company is intaglio Ciccone supported “by the jobs generated by the company and its strategic importance.” No room for other interpretations, the note recommended “the continuation of the insolvent company” ..



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