Bolivia: auction of sex slaves

 Santa Cruz – 11/17/2011
The virginity of adolescents 12, 13 and 14 years was auctioned at a night club in San Ignacio de Velasco in the department of Santa Cruz, so that two people were arrested and are in Palmasola.
Special Victims Prosecutor, Carmen Moreno, said that today will be the second hearing of two people who remain seized in Palmasola on suspicion of involvement in the case, one owner of a nightclub where children were forced into prostitution, according to the PAT network.
Moreno explained to the media that it comes to girls of 12, 13 and 14, who were prostitutes and even auctioned her virginity to some of them. One victim was pregnant in that circumstance.
The Special Victims prosecutor also said the police investigation continues, as they continue to receive more reports on this case.
The newspaper La Estrella del Oriente spread were recruited through employment agencies and newspaper ads with the delusion that he would get work as domestic servants. Then they were transferred to San Ignacio de Velasco.
The raid on the eastern population was made by the instance of Trafficking in Santa Cruz police and the prosecutor said yesterday Moreno television channel: “We learned of this problem by neighbors, as they also abused girls, in particular I was pregnant. ”
Girls recruited for prostitution in San Ignacio
Star of the East
The children were taken by trickery by offering them work as domestics, and in San Ignacio were forced into prostitution.
REPORT. The case and you have two complaints formalized, one of which is a 13 years is in a state of gestation, who says he was physically and emotionally abused by both apprehended.
Thanks to distress calls and complaints from the neighbors of a nightclub, Unit Trafficking in Persons Task Force to Fight Crime (FELCC) dismantled a network dedicated to recruiting children in the city and move to the province of San Ignacio de Velasco for the purpose of prostitution.
The coordinator of the Special Victims United (EUV), Carmen Delia Moreno explained that in cooperation with the police in this town did apprehend a person who would link Santa Cruz to find and convince the girls go to work San Ignacio.
The subject, apparently addressed to the minors in employment agencies, through newspaper ads and even online. Once recruited, the victim was taken to a bar where he was forced to work as a waitress and then into prostitution. If the affected refused, the owner and the recruiter was threatened or beaten until they agreed. Furthermore, it was learned that the girls who were virgins were a kind of auction where the highest bidder bought his body.
The latter was what brought out this mafia, because the neighbors alarmed by the screams of the girls began to make a kind of monitoring to the place. After several days they realized that about a dozen girls worked inside and sometimes out in the company of older people, which was reported to authorities.
While initially only the recruiter was arrested, yesterday won the arrest of the owner of the nightclub where the girls were staying. The case and you have two complaints formalized, one of which is a 13 years is in a state of gestation, who says he was physically and emotionally abused by both apprehended. Addition product of the rape of his few customers, the girl is pregnant.
The prosecutor anticipated that the Judge took cognizance of the facts and is awaiting the hearing schedule for the interim. Both suspects are charged with trafficking and trafficking for sexual exploitation of girls.


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