Car arsoning in Buenos Aires

It’s a mystery: in the last month appeared in five districts of the city of Buenos Aires 49 cars torched. Nobody knows who is to blame or what is the motive. The assumptionsare varied, but none is supported by evidence. There is talk of an arsonist, an anarchist group and even a band that sets fire to divert attention from the police.

The cars are burned Caballito, Villa Park, Almagro, Liniers and Pompeii. A Volkswagen Tiguan fire source for 20 days in Pedro Lozano 3800, Villa Park, as published by the daily profile. The remains are still in the street.

His owner left him there when he went to visit his girlfriend. Around 2 am on Feb. 18, he heard an explosion. Burned out car.

That was the third case in the same block in less than a month. Little more than twentydays before, on the same block burned a Cherry Tiggo. Its owner remains stuck in a sign that says “This is fear of crime”. And that was not the first case.

Two blocks from the street, in Nazarre to 3600, the victim was a Hyundai Santa Fe thatwas set on Monday.

According to the NGO Defend Buenos Aires, were reported 49 arson attacks onvehicles in the city of Buenos Aires.

“This is highly disturbing,” adviertió the head of the organization, Javier Miglino, toldreproducing the Diario Popular. “Last year the number of events recorded never exceeded forty cases,” he said.

One theory to explain what happened is that of an anarchist group claimed the attackson the web. “We take responsibility for the arson attacks on luxury vehicles in Villa Parkand in Pune in the month of December last year and in January last, with dozens of carsand trucks that burned in the streets controlled by the bourgeoisie of these neighborhoods despicable attack “, published in a blog.



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