Moyano criticized CFK for receiving Waters: “Sure, he is blond and British”

The head of the CGT joked about meeting the president and the former leader of Pink Floyd. Order to receive answers and “workers”.

Hugo Moyano charged again against President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who was criticized for receiving a hearing in British musician Roger Waters, however, “does not receive the workers”.

“Sure, he is blond and English. And Moyano does not touch the flute,” he said ironically statements made in the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, while insisting to claim government debt with social work.

The head of the labor union again rejected the criticism presidential teachers: “He said that working few hours and it is not. It’s like saying that truck drivers do not work because you are sitting all day. Seated, but laburando”.

Furthermore, Moyano asked the national government to “lay down and talk with those attitudes accordingly.” And he insisted: “We must at least talk. If there is no workers are critical to teachers saying they work few hours a day thing not, these are attitudes that mark a departure. ”

“Governments are close to or away from the CGT according to the policies implemented. Not good for the country these statements. The fact calling us to respond to our demands, is a clear sense of remoteness,” said the truck driver.

In this sense, roundly criticized the president for hosting the musician Roger Waters, “who first said something” on the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands and “later recanted.”

“Come and rock this (the president) is received. But of course, he is English and blond. And Moyano does not know or play the flute. The same is true when they say that teachers do not work. It’s like saying that neither truckers do it because we spent sitting. Sitting but laburando. Those are the things that distance, “he quipped.

He considered that “the relationship with the president is not going the wrong time of Moyano, so there is a lack of jobs to workers. In this province is very important to the claim being made. It is said that in the cities of South earns a lot, but does not take into account the cost of living. ”

He argued that “there is a bad time with Moyano. The theme is to give answer to the workers. We are claiming the money from social work, which are the contributions of workers. But social work have not arrived. That is the workers. ”



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