Scandal strikes Argentine government: impeachment against Vice President Amado Boudou.



Opposition lawmakers submitted on Monday a request for impeachment against Vice President Amado Boudou to Congress by apparent “inconsistencies” of his conduct with his public service, today announced that Congresswoman Patricia Bullrich.
Bullrich said “consider it appropriate to advance the impeachment order” stating that “the straw that broke the camel was the note I sent to the AFIP Boudou asking for a very special scheme for a company, an exception” for “their friends “Ciccone intaglio printing.
“It’s a sensitive issue,” admitted the lawmaker told Radio Mitre and decided to advance the prosecution request along with the members of PRO and Ana Bertol Federico Pinedo, besides the federal Peronist Eduardo Amadeo because “it is clear that the vice president has made office incompatible with its mandate. ”
Yesterday, the head of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), Ricardo Echegaray, Boudou defended the accusations on alleged influence from his post as Minister of Finance for the company Ciccone intaglio SA
“Do not intervene in the process. Not managed anything in particular, but a query evacuated,” he argued Echegaray alluding to a note signed by the then finance minister, in November 2010, the recommended continuity of the insolvent Ciccone.
This morning, Bullrich stressed that “the signing of the letter is what we think that enables the (order of) political judgment.”
The Union for All deputy said that the order is submitted to the House on Monday, at 16, and noted that beyond the judicial investigation under way, the impeachment process “judges the conduct” of the official.

In this context, he referred to the irregularities in the performance of Boudou when he was finance minister Kirchner government and the actions you performed before state agencies, such as the AFIP, the benefit of his friends who ran the company where Ciccone recalled the legislator, among other things, “printed ballots (voting) of the Front for Victory.”
“If an officer, whose performances have been inconsistent with what one official to do, politically can not go nen that position,” he said.

To Bullrich, “it is clear that the vice president has made office incompatible with its mandate” and condemned the “use of the institution Ministry of Economy to legalize quotes an act incompatible with his duties.”
“There was a company that was administered to Ciccone by order of justice, which was Boldt. They take this company to the kicks, put Boudou’s friends and give facilities for otherwise could not have begun to work.” said.
Bullrich said after the intervention in the situation Boudou Ciccone, at the time, “one can say that there is a planned line: that the note is scheduled to stay with the company.”



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