Villa Fiorito, a mecca of sex tourism: minor prostitutes for coins

As in General Villegas, the emergence of another video where a 14 year old appears in a sex party, shocks Villa Fiorito. The child, who is about to turn 15, not only was abused and filmed, but was also a victim of a criminal gang pimps working in the area selling the sexual services of young foreign tourists.
The child sex mafia operating in Fiorito is responsible for recruiting girls that make very poor families and thus are tempted to be part of “sex parties” with tourists who come especially to have sex with minors, in exchange for lot of money, which obviously ends up in the hands of mobsters. Now with the emergence of a new porn video where this 14 year old girl is abused by adults, the scandal broke.
In the pictures you can see the girl dancing with other girls, in the delight of men, who then require them to take out the clothes and pose for the camera: “That look”, was heard shouting one of the filming, while the lower dancing naked. In Villa Fiorito, people live between impotence and fear. The video is already circulating for several cell area, but nobody is willing to testify in court fearing for future settling of scores.
Filed the complaint, it is expected that a prosecutor involved in the case and begins to research: Some important points are highlighted in the text Fiorito everyone is aware that “twice a week arriving tourists, who pay dollars and euros, to participate in parties with girls, recruited for their needs. “It also emphasizes that not only foreigners who use sex with minors, but also” drug lords. “Many of the abusers because of its essence , have aggressive tendencies. For that reason, unfortunately, it’s no wonder that children not only end up being sexually abused, beaten and even tortured but. And the cases are up against socio-economic situation of many sectors of near destitution.



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