Baby “is fine and will have a speedy recovery,” say his friends

The journalist was hospitalized with his son in the hospital of San Isidro after receiving three bullets during an assault.




Journalist and radio host Angel Baby Etchecopar was shot during an attempted assault on his house, located in the locality of San Isidro. Beside him, his son was wounded, which is surgery. During the confrontation, one of the criminals was killed.

According to reports, Etchecopar was at home with his daughter and his wife, when they were surprised by four assailants, who took hostage his son Frederick.As a result of the struggles, Etchecopar received three bullet wounds in the legs, while his son was wounded in the chest and pelvis, receiving four shots, one of which affected him a lung.

According to Dr. Susan Guidi, director of the Hospital of San Isidro, the young have a “general commitment” and is in “critical condition”. “We are intervening,” he confirmed.

A robbery “broadcast”. While learning about the conditions under which the family was attacked are contradictory, versions of those close to the Etchecopar argue that it was a robbery “broadcast”. The criminals were traveling in a Ford Galaxy would have intercepted the son of the driver in the front door, and forced to enter the property, when taken hostage. Once inside the house, surprised the family, and threatened the driver, his wife and another daughter of the couple, pregnant, giving way to the tragic denouement.

Moments ago, the group issued a statement Infobae, which confirmed some details of it. “Our colleague was attacked inside his home by at least two offenders who entered by force,” says the text. “Baby has three gunshot wounds each of which caused his fracture in his leg,” he explains. “One of his sons also was brutally shot having been shot four times, meeting with reserved prognosis,” he adds.

Etchecopar was visited tonight at the medical center by family and friends, including journalists Oscar Gonzalez Oro, Eduardo Feinmann and former pilot Juan María Traverso. It was also hoped the presence of Buenos Aires Security Minister Ricardo Casal.





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