Update: Argentine vicepresident Amado Boudou money laundry scandal


Police raid office of Boudou’s front man

Rafecas by court order, police seized documents from the lawyer addresses Vandenbroele

Justice yesterday raided the offices of The Old Fund SA, the company that controls the ex Ciccone intaglio, and the home of its president, Alexander Vandenbroele, in the context of the case in investigating the vice president for alleged negotiations Amado Boudou incompatible with their function and money laundering.

The procedure was ordered by Federal Judge Daniel Rafecas at the request of Attorney Carlos Rívolo, which has delegated the judicial investigation. It happened at a time when Boudou was presiding because Cristina Kirchner’s trip to Chile. This is the first step in taking back the judge in the case, in which until now was the prosecutor who brought documents and took testimony.

We also performed a procedure in Mendoza, at the home of Laura Munoz, Vandenbroele woman who said her husband, who is separated from fact, “is the front man Boudou,” La Nacion said court sources. Last week the vice president refused to be “friend or acquaintance” of counsel and denied the allegations Vandenbroele Munoz, which he described as a media operation against him.

Rafecas simultaneously investigating a complaint of an alleged self Boudou on hacking your email account. Until now I was waiting at the request of the prosecutor of the first steps.

The raids were conducted from noon yesterday at the offices of Puerto Madero (street Manuela Sáenz 323), which is based the mysterious company that controls the shares of the South American Securities Company, intaglio Ciccone heir. The Federal Police officers took office 723, the 7th floor, documents, computers and stationery, La Nacion said sources with access to the cause. The offices are about 150 meters from the building Madero Center, home Boudou.

Even the police were presented with the search warrant in Department B of 3 ° floor of the street Quirno Costa 1273, belonging to Alexander Paul Vandenbroele in Barrio Norte of Buenos Aires. The building seemed deserted for some time.

The authorities completed the procedures in the house Vanderbroele wife, Laura Munoz, in Mendoza. There spoke the National Gendarmerie. His men took away computers and papers were Vandenbroele. Munoz had said before the court which had a recording of a conversation with her husband and remains of an agenda that it could include information on The Old Fund. In a recording even be mentioned to Boudou.

Munoz, who is starting her divorce, she recorded her husband when they spoke of the assets of the couple, alimony, children and women there would have mentioned that Vandenbroele had promised that his life would change for the business that approached the vice president.

The Procedure Code prohibits a spouse to testify against another, however, there is case law that says if the account is confirmed by an independent route, takes on another significance.

Justice is investigating whether Boudou was interested in helping Ciccone, who was declared bankrupt in 2010 by order of the AFIP, because I had 240 million pesos. And then the AFIP own validated the lifting of the bankruptcy and was granted a special moratorium. He also wants to know if favored with businesses such as printing of ballots that made the Front for Victory or the promise of a contract for 50 million dollars to print paper money.

Boudou first said he was not involved in processing Ciccone’s resurrection, but then admitted that he submitted a note to the AFIP which recommended the company to continue working to keep jobs.


Vandenbroele was the lawyer who devised the legal engineering and got the funding to lift the bankruptcy, as acknowledged by the company, now renamed Compañía Sudamericana de Valores (CVS) published a request two weeks ago. Is corporate lawyer who spent his summers in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires and lived in Madrid. His wife says he met Boudou by Jose Maria Nunez Carmona, vice president partner in two companies: Aspen Real Estate Investment and Natural Habitat.

Vandenbroele have invoked the name of Boudou when Ciccone presented to creditors, workers and employers to ask them not objected to the lifting of the bankruptcy of printing, it would bring new government contracts.

Some people even said that he promised that the new Ciccone was to print paper money. The Mint informed the Central Bank was going to outsource, but after the scandal broke, the operation was frozen.



In Puerto Madero

Justice raided the offices of The Old Fund SA company located in Puerto Madero. The procedure was performed in an office at 300 Calle Manuela Saenz. The Federal Police took stationery and computers.


In Barrio Norte

Federal police also raided the apartment of Alexander Vandenbroele, president of The Old Fund, the company that controls the new Ciccone, whom his wife described as figurehead of Amado Boudou. It was in the street Quirno 1273 3rd Coast B.


In Mendoza

The National Gendarmerie had a procedure at the home of Laura Munoz’s wife Vandenbroele. Removing computers and papers belonging to her husband, with whom he has a divorce. In a recording to be mentioned Boudou.


In Courts

The cause in which we investigate is delegated to Boudou Carlos Rívolo prosecutor, who asked the searches to which the judge did Daniel Rafecas place. The prosecutor will review the documentation before asking kidnapped other measures the judge to proceed with the case ..



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