Argentine vicepresident money laundry scandal (Update): Police raid in Amado Boudou apartment confirms clues.

The Justice Department yesterday cleared the vice president has Amado Boudou in a luxury building in Puerto Madero, in the case that it is investigating alleged negotiations incompatible with their function to return to work the creek printing Ciccone.

The building that was raided yesterday. Photo: DPA
The researchers found that the expense of the house were paid by Vandenbroele Alexander, director of the former Ciccone, who denies knowing Boudou.

That procedure has not established a specific link between VP and Vandenbroele, the lawyer who designed the architecture to take bankruptcy to press millionaires Ciccone and assure business with the state, said investigators on the case.

The raid, ordered by Federal Judge Daniel Rafecas at the request of Prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, it was the same day he met the judicial declaration of William Gabella, director of the company Boldt, who said under oath that Jose Maria Nunez Carmona , Boudou trading partner, urged him in 2010 to deliver his company’s plant Ciccone, who rented. Núñez Carmona did, according to testimony, representing the current vice president.

The department yesterday raided is located on floor 25 of Juana Manso 740, River View towers. It is the house where he lives with his girlfriend Boudou, Agustina Kämpfer, which is in the building Madero Center, about 100 meters away.

While the Gendarmerie performed the procedure against the levees, Boudou was with President Cristina Kirchner in Bariloche, where he traveled to head an official act.

Figure Boudou department officially hired the employer Fabian Carosso Donatiello, who shares the directory Vandenbroele Agroibérica Investment Company SA.Vandenbroele had said last month that Donatiello Carosso contacted with Boudou through a mutual friend: Núñez Carmona. But he had never revealed what the prosecutor discovered yesterday paved the Rívolo when Madero View.

He found that Vandenbroele paid at Banco Santander Rio the expense of last August. Vandenbroele name of the receipt. They hijacked the document and will be a judicial inquiry to determine who paid the remaining months, La Nacion reported judicial sources.

In the administration, Vandenbroele listed as the contact which is established to transmit communications problems and news about the building. He discovered numerous exchanges of emails, the Justice also kidnapped.

The apartment was empty. They seized three cordless phones.

The department has in Puerto Madero Boudou yesterday with an officer of the gendarmerie on the balcony during the raid. Photo: EFE
Rafecas The judge had said this week in an interview with the profile that he rented the apartment Boudou attorney Carosso Donatiello and contacted as follows: “Vandenbroele says he asked Carmona Nunez if he knew someone who had an apartment for rent, and Nunez Carmona said, “Yes, Boudou,” and set up the contract. But Vandenbroele and direct Boudou nothing. So far there is nothing. The prosecutor is investigating and researching. ”

At that time, the judge was surprised, because research publicly and in full ahead his view that there was no evidence that involved Vice President in the case.

Núñez Carmona and Boudou are 50 percent partners in corporations and Natural Habitat Aspen Real Estate Investments. Both are known for seven years, were classmates and Núñez Carmona was the godfather of marriage and divorce Boudou witness.

With the Gendarmerie

Troops of the National Gendarmerie in the afternoon entered the apartment of 91 square meters, La Nacion said sources close to the case. Carosso allegedly paid 10,000 pesos Donatiello monthly rent, but hardly uses it.This businessman left the country for the last time two months ago.

Boudou said he paid for that property when you bought 673,200 pesos. He lived there until he moved with his girlfriend looked for a larger apartment nearby. This new building occupied by the couple in the building Madero Center, $ 500,000, belongs to the firm Searen SA.

Searen SA is a partner in two companies of the Supply London firm, who deposited $ 1.8 million for justice in trade lift the bankruptcy of the former Ciccone. And he did, as recorded in London Supply Vice President in writing, “for and on behalf” of Vandenbroele, which his wife, Laura Munoz, identified as “front man” of Boudou.

In the case, Justice is investigating whether there are relationships between Boudou and Ciccone’s new owners, which the Front for Victory hired to print the ballots in primary elections last year and now the Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA ) provides contract to print tickets 100 pesos.

Yesterday this procedure and the testimony of an employer provided evidence of this connection. William Gabella, director of Boldt, who had rented the printing plant was being dealt Ciccone while the bankruptcy, pledged to the Justice Boudou partner on behalf of Vice President, pressured him to hand over the factory.

Is confronted with the intermediary that brought him to that meeting. Carmona Nunez’s attorney, Diego Pirota, denounced him for perjury. The case was filed in the court of Rodolfo Canicoba Corral and the prosecutor is Gerardo Pollicita.


The state agency Telam yesterday found a funny way of presenting the news of the raid judicial department belonging to the vice president Amado Boudou. The title of the only office that issued by the theme: “Ciccone Case: Raid Fabian’s home in Puerto Madero Carosso Donatiello.” Unknown thus alludes to the powerful tenant and landlord. Then place the information in three brief paragraphs.

Puerto Madero CONNECTION

– The department Boudou. The Justice Department yesterday cleared owned by Amado Boudou, in Juana Manso 740, floor 25.

– The tenant. As stated by Boudou, rents that department Fabian Carosso Donatiello. Vandenbroele Alexander, the man who arranged the purchase of Ciccone in 2010, said in an application which Carosso Donatiello is your friend.And it was he who proposed to rent the department Boudou, through Jose Maria Nunez Carmona, business partner and close friend of Vice President.

– Nearly there. To rent the apartment to Carosso Donatiello, Boudou moved to a larger home a few blocks away, also in Puerto Madero. In the district, the offices of The Old Fund, which owns 70 percent of the former Ciccone. They also live other players in the plot, as Núñez Carmona and Miguel Castellanos.

– Explanations. In his public appearances, Boudou said Vandenbroele not know, nor was ever with Carosso Donatiello. According to the official, signed the lease through a proxy.

– The measure of proof. The prosecutor yesterday ordered Rívolo pave Boudou property in Puerto Madero, looking for evidence to connect with Vandenbroele and plot the case Ciccone.

– The discovery. There was evidence that the expenses of that department were paid by Vandenbroele. There are suspicions that really is he who lives or lived there.


Properties Vice President said last year (while still a minister) ownership of an apartment of 91 square meters in Puerto Madero. Is the one that was raided yesterday by the Justice for evidence on the case Ciccone. The affidavit gives your current address other department of Puerto Madero, who rents it to the company Searen SA.

Companies in the same information as his own affidavit in which two companies is a partner of Jose Maria Nunez Carmona, his childhood friend. In the court case was incorporated into the final hours testimony indicating that Núñez Carmona presented in meetings to negotiate the future of intaglio Ciccone as a representative of Boudou.



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